Sunday, 18 September 2011

Goodbye Summer! Goodbye Rainbow Nails!

Boohoo! As I write this a thunderstorm of colossal proportions is raging outside. But hark! What inspiration can we take from this? Ahh yes! The return of grey and black, slate and charcoal and all those gorgeous melancholy nail polishes of old!
Forget Tiffany green, sky blue and lilac! Chuck out the milky nudes and Chanel yellow! It's time for the storm of No.7's Beanie, Barry M's glossy black and a smattering of OPI's deep purples!
I applaud Anne Hathaway for deploying the blood red this month, acceptance of AW2011 is upon us!
If I've left you confused, here are some lacquery lovlies to snap up this season!   -see: Dark Red, Chocolate, Cranberry, Purple Pleaser! -see: Stormy

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