Thursday, 6 June 2013

So, to launch my travelling blog I am going to start with an overview of my 2 month jaunt to Australia. This chappy right here ^ is my best friend Frazer, who moved to Melbourne at the end of college. Thanks to him I got to see a lot of the hot spots on the East Coast of Australia including the beautiful St Kilda Beach.

Most famously, St Kilda Beach has a pier that is frequented by little blue penguins! Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of these little critters as they do tend to hide under the rocks. Due to the sheer number of tourists that
flock to the beach in the evenings, I would recommend heading down in the morning (around 8am in the winter). You can just grab a coffee at the glorious pier cafe afterwards.

St Kilda beach itself is a very sandy beach with decking leading up to cafes and icecream bars. As I found to be typical in Australia, there are sports enthusiasts everywhere! Runners, skateboarders, cyclists, windsurfers, surfers, swimmers and even skinny dippers!!

There is one downside to St Kilda beach, however. St Kilda in general is a pretty bohemian hangout, which means great bars, food, vintage shopping and general artiness. Unfortunately it has more than its fair share of druggies. Not really being into that kind of experimentation myself - I found it a little daunting. You are restricted as to when you can walk on the sand because needle clean-ups have to be performed every morning. It's also not the safest place to walk home from a night out with friends alone. Having said that, I had the best time in St Kilda. Popular hang-outs for me would be the Lucky Coq bar on Chapel Street, the previously mentioned pier cafe, the botanical gardens (see pictures left) and Yo Bar (a frozen yoghurt bar where Frazer worked). Chapel Street is the street to head to for clubs, shopping and just about everything St Kilda has to offer!

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