Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Fitness rave!!

As I am heading to uni in September I want to be in the best shape I can possibly can. Partly because of all the dresses I'm going to have to wear during freshers and partly because the university gym membership is only £20 a year!

So this post is going to go through my favourite diet tips, exercise tips and tools.
First up is !
 Her videos are full on workouts, some targetted routines and some cardio workouts. My personal faves are:
Drive By Inner Thighs Challenge
Victoria's Secret Abs Workout
Bubble Butt Workout
Doing these three daily, as well as a 20 minute run, will transform your bod in next to no time!

Secondly is, I've got the app on my iPhone and I'm sure to fill in my diet EVERYDAY! Get your friends to join and add each other so you can keep an eye on each other and keep encouraging each other! You'll be surprised how much you eat (at least I was!). You can scan the barcodes of your packaged foods and search the VAST database for your other buys. Super helpful!

 Finally, utilise fitspiration sites. Steer clear of thinspiration however, because it can push you towards unrealistic and dangerous goals. Sites like,,, and apps like can provide excellent inspiration to spur you on during workout slumps as well as mini workouts and diet tips/recipes! I will keep uploading my progress on here, feel free to comment your own fitness blogs and before/after pics to keep us all fitspired!

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