Friday, 18 July 2014

21st Birthday Dream Wishlist

21st Birthday Dream Wishlist

My 21st is actually in November, but the invites for friends 21's are already coming in! I'm very excited to celebrate so many big birthdays this year...but mostly mine!

Here's my dream wishlist of things I would love to get for my 21st.

First up (shock!) is my favourite Olivia Burton watch. But, let's be honest, this won't still be on my wishlist by November because I'm probably going to buy it on pay day!

Secondly, an iPad. I've noticed lots of people utilising them in lectures at uni and there's been quite a few times in the past year when I've thought 'if only I had an iPad right now'. A big buy, but might potentially use some birthday money towards it.

Next...THE Zara pink leather jacket. Unlikely I will EVER get this as it seems to have disappeared into oblivion. It occasionally pops up on eBay though so, fingers crossed!

Below left is a pair of Jeffrey Campbell's. Just because every girl should own a pair and these happen to be my personal favourites. I envisage them with a pair of super skinny black jeans and some little white ankle socks! Beaut,

Next along, two Naked palettes. Some might say excessive, I say essential.

Scooting along, a Real Techniques brush set. I already have one face brush from the Chapman gals and I love it so a few more would be great!

Finally! The creme de la creme!! This dress is from AQAQ and I've been eyeing it up for aaaages. I love the deep V front and the multiple straps. AQAQ dress are also really good quality and exquisitely thick fabric. To. Die. For.

AQ AQ black dress

Zara jacket

Olivia Burton rose gold jewelry

Tech accessory

Set of brush

Urban decay eyeshadow


  1. that dress is so gorgeous! You can never go wrong with black either so I'm sure you'd wear it all the time. would love if you could check out my fashion blog :)


    1. Thanks hun, it is stunning! I will have a look :) x

  2. Love this! I have the naked3 and a real techniques set, I'm no makeup expert but even I can tell they are good! The naked3 colours are so pretty and natural looking. Love your blog x

    1. I might have to buy it on recommendation then! Thanks hun.
      Love yours too! x

  3. How could I treat you to any of these items? I just followed you on twitter @matthewskinner0 x


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