Monday, 15 September 2014

LFW Day One: Felder Felder Backstage (In Pictures)

So, on Friday, I had the extreme pleasure of working backstage at London Fashion Week on the Felder Felder catwalk show (for those unfamiliar with the brand, check out these German twins online!)

I can't even begin to explain what an experience this was! As a dresser I was assigned a model (see Daniella, 6ft tall brunette!) and a rail with their clothing and instructions for how they must wear it.

Most models only have one or two outfit changes during the 10 minute show, but some higher profile models have up to four changes! The dresser's job is to get their model changed as quickly as possible, usually in about 5 seconds.

It was such a high octane environment and A LOT of shouting.

In one day I changed a models knickers, saw about 13 pairs of breasts, unwrapped 100 clothing items from their cellophane and drank about 3 litres of coconut water!

It was truly an honour to be part of such a creative event, especially when I see photos online of the looks I put together! Such an amazing feeling and I'm so grateful.

As a result of working for Felder Felder, Bacchus PR asked myself and some of the other dressers to work the next day at Holly Fulton's show, so more photos to come!

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