Friday, 3 October 2014

Lani Tropical Hair Treatment Review

I've always had long hair and it's always been my pride and joy.
When I started reading about Lani I was sceptical, having used Argan Oil and other hair oils before.
I've usually found that oils lightened my hair colour and weighed my hair down, making it feel greasy quickly.

Then I met Lani. I use Lani 1-2 times a week before I wash my hair. I coat my ombre ends in the thick and gorgeous smelling oil and leave it on for several hours, or even overnight. 
Lani recommends a half hour treatment but as I have coloured/ombre hair I tend to over-moisturise my hair anyway!

Since using Lani for a few weeks I have noticed how sleek and shiny my hair has become. It's super managable, looks amazing when straightened and stays soft and shiny for days!
Keeping bleached hair soft is a mission, but Lani has really helped!

I can't sing Lani's praises highly enough!
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