Wednesday, 18 February 2015

My Vegan/Eating Journey

Long time no see guys! As per, uni has got in the way once again. I'm really slogging through at the moment but I'm hoping blogging more again will kickstart my creative juices!
And speaking of juice... I'm here to tell you about the power of juicy fruits and veggies and how to embrace the vegan inside!
Jokes aside, I am 6 weeks into one of the most incredible journeys of my life. I've toyed with vegetarianism in the past but been ultimately unsuccessful due to my family background (German + Aussie = lots of schnitzel and BBQs). However, after watching Free The Banana Girl and Annie Jaffrey on YouTube for a few years, I started making small changes to my diet at university.

I've definitely struggled with eating issues since my early teens. I've been on every 'easy'-fix track there is: starving myself, long distance running addiction, smoking instead of eating, coffee instead of eating and even occasional bulimic phases. I've learned that I do need to exercise control in my diet to keep me sane, but veganism has given me that control without deprivation.

To combat my yo-yo-ing from slim to too skinny I had to change my diet.

Firstly, I started having way more fruit. Instead of just grabbing a banana around breakfast time and maybe chucking an apple in my handbag, I started having 3-4 fruits just for breakfast.
I then went on to switching up my lunches. Being at uni and being a bit of a scatty and creative type I would often forget lunch all together. This usually lead to a corner shop chicken sandwich or 3 cups of coffee.
Now I stuff a lunch box with falafel bites, chopped peppers, wholegrain pittas, apples, carrot and dates!
Finally, dinners! My favourite meal of the day as I'm a super big hot-food person. I absolutely LOAD myself with pasta and my latest passion is vegan pasta sauces! Butternut-squash puree, blended red pepper, smushed name it!

After dinner was usually smoke central for me. Having smoked for 6 years, quitting this January was and IS really hard and I think will be an ongoing struggle.

Anywaaay, please indulge in these photos of my super scummy vegan chow!

Courgette (zucchini) pasta, steamed peppers, pasta and guacamole sauce.

Wholewheat vegan pancakes with coconut milk and cocoa mousse and banana topping.

Gluten free spaghetti with boiled cabbage & bean sprouts, topped with guacamole and soy sauce. 

Super fruit breakfast of papaya, watermelon and kiwi fruit.

I hope you've enjoyed this post, it's a little more personal and lifestyle based than I'm used to. If anyone has questions or issues with this post please tweet me at: @btw_stephanie or comment below.

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