Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Review: Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation & Concealer

I've never been a huge foundation user, having been thankfully blessed with 'ok' skin, but in recent years I've been exploring getting that flawless look - mostly just on nights out.
I'd been using Bourjois Healthy Mix for a while (when I felt like I needed extra coverage) but recently it's been 'lifting'.
Lifting is that annoying predicament when you're applying your foundation and it just won't, well, stick!! I get this a lot, I presume because I have dry skin and I use very thick moisturisers.

THEN, I got a sample of the Clinique Beyond Perfecting foundation in You magazine (Mail On Sunday) and decided to try it. It was a particularly dark shade (neutral I believe), so I slapped on the fake tan and got applying. I was shocked. With the first stroke the coverage was amazing! I wore it under my Laura Mercier powder and it stayed put all night - the proof was on the make up wipe!

I decided I needed to investigate, so off I went to my local Clinique counter.

The lovely ladies there colour-matched me and explained how to perfectly apply their new product. You take the wand out of the beautifully stream-lined glass bottle and dot the foundation on your chin, nose, forehead and then wipe the excess off on your cheeks. They recommended applying with your fingers, which I'm never keen on, but it did look good.

Sadly, I think my shade may be a tiny bit dark, but if I keep up my tanning regime that won't be a problem. 
I'm trying in incorporate the Clinique products I already have back in to my routine, including the mild facial wash and toner. More updates on my new skincare routine to come!

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