Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Review: Define and Conquer by SEVENTEEN

I think we are long overdue a blog post! I've now finished university for the summer (YAY!) and the usual summer influx of blog posts and videos is upon us! 
So I've decided to kick off with a new favourite of mine - the Define and Conquer palette in Medium from Seventeen at Boots.
Contouring has definitely kicked off big-time in the last year and now highstreet make up brand have picked up on it. Chiselled cheekbones and nipped in noses are no long just for the Kardashian's!

The packaging for Seventeen is super sleek and simple, this particular compact reminds me ALOT of the Nars bronzer/blusher packaging. I imagine the writing on the top would probably wear off if you chucked it in your handbag but it's been in my make up case with loads of other compacts for a couple of weeks and has faired pretty well.

In terms of the actual powders themselves, the contour colour is matte - which is a MUST for contouring. Glitter, shimmer or sparkles are going to totally ruin the illusion for you. The colour pay off is pretty good, as you can see from the swatches, it is perhaps a little on the orange side but that's just personal preference. The highlight is, again, very pigmented. I think I should have gone for the lighter kit, maybe, purely because the highlight colour isn't that much lighter than my skin. However, I've been using it to blend the contour powder in at the edges to great effect.

To apply, I like to use an angled brush in the hollows of my cheek to apply the contour, then a fluffy blusher brush to dust the highlight above and below to blend it in seamlessly.

In terms of price, for £5.99 you can't really complain! Plus it's one of the only reasonably priced contour kits I've seen on the highstreet. 

On the theme of contouring, I've order the Make Up Revolution Conceal Kit which rages from super light to very dark and has been recommended for the cream contour techniques you've probably seen all over YouTube. So stayed tuned for more cheekbone chat!

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