Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Review: HD Healthy FX Foundation by SmashBox

Annoyingly, I can not find this foundation on the SmashBox site, but have been reliably informed it is out of stock BUT never fear. I've added a host of other sites that stock it at the bottom of this post.

So a little background, I was the make-up artist (and bridesmaid, phew!) at a wedding this weekend. When searching for products for bridal make up, there is one thing you need to watch out for. Flashback! This is the lightened effect on the face in photos caused by SPF. Ever had a photo taken of yourself where your face looks lighter than your neck? This bad boy is responsible!

Obviously this would be a total nightmare on your wedding day. So off I went in search of a photo-ready foundation. SmashBox are renowned for their photoshoot make up, especially their Photo Finish Primer (which I also used on my lovely ladies).

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Not only did it blend brilliantly in to 3 slightly different skin tones, but as you can see from these photos, no flashback!
I would say the coverage is fairly light as you can still see my freckles but evens the skin tone. It's perfect for events such as weddings when you don't want to look overdone or cake, which is easily done when you're in daylight.

Overall, thoroughly impressed with this product. It may be slightly on the yellow side (I have shade L2) but this was easily solved with some powder.

So brides out there, get down to Smashbox for  flashback-free-festivities!

Where to buy:
(Primer mentioned: Smashbox)

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