Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Skincare Regime: Liz Earle, Clinique, The Body Shop and Simple

Over the years there have been MANY, and I mean MANY, changes in my skin-care routine - and there probably will be many more. But certain products stand the test of time and hold their own through Christmas's, birthdays and regrettable splurges. For me, these are those products!
I have really irritating skin, I must begin by saying. Mostly I have very dry skin - during my teenage years I could use body-butter as a moisturiser and still be flakey. 
However, as I've progressed through my 20's I have developed the most fickle skin ever!
I'm really dry between my eyebrows, around my nostrils and across my jaw. I'm oily across my central forehead and nose. I'm spotty in my temples and on my chin.

Due to this oil vs. flakiness problem, I knew I needed to exfoliate. BUT it couldn't be too harsh on my dry areas, whilst being oil stripping at the same time. 
I was reaaaally late jumping on this band-wagon but boy I'm glad I did! Being all natural and oil based, Liz Earle's Hot Cloth Cleanser is perfect for removing make-up and as an everyday face wash.

I use my cleanser in the shower, usually. I lather up my face with 1.5-2 pumps of the product, paying particular attention to my eyes. Once I've washed my body or faffed about for a few minutes, I go in with the muslin cloth. When you first use these they can feel a little harsh - I found scrunching them up a few times under the hot water tended to loosen them.
I go in circular motions all over my face - lightly in my oily areas and a bit more vigorously in dry areas to really exfoliate.

Once I'm out of the shower I try and remember to tone with my Liz Early Instant Skin Boost Tonic. If I'm going to miss any step of my skincare it's this!!
Usually I squirt a generous amount onto a cotton pad and sweep this over my entire face and down my neck. This step usually only occurs in the evening.

Now my favourite part, moisturising!! As soon as I've washed my face it starts to feel tight. I've used loads of different moisturisers over the years but Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion lives up to the hype. I have the large bottle for dry skin. It makes me super shiny but it's so hydrating. I use this every night without fail and sometimes in the morning if I'm not going anywhere and can wander round looking like a waxed apple.

But, if I am going somewhere and need to put my make up on relatively quickly after washing - I use the The Body Shop beautifying oil. Sadly they no longer do the Brazil Nut scent, which is honestly the best smelling beauty product I've ever owned!
I sweep a SMALL amount of this over my face and leave it to sink in for a few minutes. This is quite a dry oil and it comes out very slowly so don't be scared to give it a go, though I understand oil on the face doesn't sound fantastic! It is!!

Finally, a little nod to my drunk skincare regime. Yup, you HAVE to take your make-up off, even if you're a bit trollied. If I know I'm going to be drinking, I try and leave baby wipes (fragrance free) on my bedside table so I can't forget to remove my make up.
If I'm feeling really clever I will also messily use my Simple Refreshing Facial Wash Gel over the sink you get the sweat and make-up residue off my face. I won't lie to you.... drunk Stephanie forgets to moisturise.

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