Thursday, 27 April 2017

The Perfect 'Grown-Up' Sleepover

Ok, so I'm going to level with you here.
You. Are. Never. Too. Old. For. Sleepovers!! - in case you had any doubts.
In fact, girly sleepovers in your adult years are even better. And not just because you can have wine (...ok, a lot of it is to do with the wine).

Sometimes, we just need that down time. In our busy lives we can't always find time to connect with our friends as often as we would like. Instead of scheduling in endless individual, expensive and sugary coffee dates, I like to get as many of my close girls together at one time as possible.
Here's how we throw the perfect 'grown-up' sleepover!

Presentation, presentation, presentation.
Get out the table cloth, kitsch it up with some tea cups, vintage bowls and sweeties!
You don't have to spend money on this stuff either. Borrow your nan's, use mismatching stuff from your house, or even hit up a charity shop.

Retro sweeties, party snacks and crisps - call it a flashback for your tastebuds. 
We had popcorn, pink pick'n'mix, cheesy nibbles, Walkers Sensations and Haribo Star Mix (Poundland is LIT for this kinda thing!)
The 'grown-up' part is what you decide to put in your cup! We went for Echo Falls summer, fruity wines, and later... cocktails!!

No sleepover is complete without pampering.
We got Black Head pore masks from eBay, of all places. They are like the classic 'insta-famous', peely black masks. They weren't amazingly skin cleansing, but they were great fun to peel off.
We also cracked out the nail polish collection and gave each a hand (because no one can do BOTH hands neatly...)

We also used the Oh K Cucumber Sheet Masks, they were super slimy but very moisturising. 
No hangover faces on us! Plus, they were worth it even just for the laughs.

We used the Cathy Doll Super Girl Charcoal Nose Strips, I got these in Thailand - but they are available on Amazon or here.
Super painful to peel off, make you look like you've got a broken nose but boy do they pull those pesky blackheads out!

After many drinks, cute chats, face packs and nibbles - we all headed to bed.
And how do you keep the fun continuing? BREAKFAST!

Lucky for us, the weather was gorgeous. We showed off our sparkly skin and kicked the cobwebs of our hangovers away with a few coffees, reminiscing and a bit of egg porn.

And there you have it! The perfect 'grown-up' sleepover from the BTW squad ;)

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